Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC): Our Future 101

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Regionally, US-101 connects Ventura County communities and the neighboring counties and is a part of local mobility and economic wellbeing. Due to projected population growth for Ventura County, it is anticipated that the forecasted traffic demands will adversely impact the level of service along US-101. The Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) is seeking to address future traffic demands by implementing HOV lanes on the segment of US-101 that passes through Ventura County.


MBI handled public outreach during the environmental documentation phase of the project, which includes:

  • Collaborating with VCTC on project branding
  • Working closely with VCTC, Caltrans District 7, County of Ventura, City of Ventura, City of Oxnard, City of Camarillo, and City of Thousand Oaks on stakeholder outreach and coordination
  • Planning, preparing, and conducting public outreach meetings with respective cities
  • Creating and hosting unique content and interactive story maps for the project website
  • Creating social media content, including the Our Future 101 Instagram account
  • Securing advertising spaces for project’s public meetings in regional publications and newspapers