East San Gabriel Valley: Active Transportation Plan

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The objective of this project is to develop an Active Transportation Plan to promote walking, biking, and transit use among the 21 unincorporated communities in the East San Gabriel Valley. The Plan will solicit community input, coordinate with neighboring cities, develop a scalable model, create a prioritized list of potential project corridors, and select three priority routes to recommend intersection improvements to enhance active transportation options.

  • Coordinated with the County’s East San Gabriel Valley Active Transportation Plan to identify and factor the individual and regional needs of each community in 21 unincorporated areas
  • Produced local Community events to increase awareness of the Plan and promote the overall project
  • Developed and maintained Project Website and Collaterals
  • Produced collaterals in multiple languages to increase community participation and engagement
  • Created a Community Engagement Survey available for all publics on the project’s website and at events
  • Managed social media content for the County’s social media page
  • Developed & designed Project Branding