2040 General Plan – Land Use and Urban Design Elements

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In California, cities and counties are required by State law to have a General Plan, a broad, long-range policy document that is the local government’s long-term blueprint for future development. California requires seven elements within the General Plan: Land Use, Circulations (Mobility), Housing, Conservation, Open Space, Noise, and Safety. The City has also adopted Scenic Routes, Public Safety, and Historic Preservation. The City of Long Beach conducted numerous community engagement events regarding the Land Use and Urban Design Elements of the General Plan. These meetings and workshops provided valuable feedback from residents and business owners. The City then made important changes to the Plan based on this feedback.


  • Worked in cooperation with the City to maximize attendance at community workshops
  • Tallied surveys and comment cards and provided a database for each
  • Created a presentation providing assessment of survey results and comments provided
  • Grassroots outreach included flyer drops in designated areas, phone and email outreach to businesses, and providing online surveys via iPads
  • Collected written testimonials that included diverse community concerns
  • Creation of collateral in Spanish and other languages
  • Sent out e-blasts to provide noticing for the community workshops, a Planning Commission meeting, and information about the General Plan
  • Attended presentation briefings
  • Developed a media calendar
  • Provided weekly updates on Facebook