Anaheim Resort Area Mobility Plan and Pedestrian Bridge Engineering Feasibility Analysis

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MBI’s outreach and communication process utilizes traditional and advanced techniques to solicit as much feedback as possible and to confirm that it is representative of the overall population.

This helps ensure that the project reflects the input received and builds momentum moving forward. In addition, the outreach process worked in coordination with other surrounding projects to engage the public with the multiple efforts the City is working on. MBI supports the Project Team with outreach efforts, meeting support and public engagement outreach activities, including:

  • A public noticing and promotional strategy
  • Disseminating project information to the community through outlets such as ACTV-3 and Nextdoor
  • Documenting and reporting all comments received
  • Providing support in meeting logistics including venue locations, securing vendors, translation services, etc.
  • Developing collateral materials
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Conducting stakeholder and partner meetings
  • Conducting community surveys and focus groups
  • Participating in local planned events
  • Online and social media outreach activities